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pov FRESH Game OF Taste. My GREATEST friend IS cheating ON Me WHILE I GUESS The NAME Of THE Sweets.

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Description: In this video I'M wearing A blue Nylon mask, purple Top and shorts. We have fun With you, how Much can I guess This time? You Give me A corn Stick, I eat It, And then I put It in My jaws And chew It. I say I don'T know). You took Your hard-on Out of Your cut-offs And you Are highly Close to My gullet. The Next succulent Thing is Marshmallows. You gave Me half, I Chewed it And guessed What it Was. You run Your sausage across my Tongue and Then you Give me A chocopai. I Guessed again. I drink fleshy Water. You keep jerking off Next to My face. You Took the Sour gummy Tongue and Put it On your cock and shoved it Into my mouth. You want To confuse Me. I'm writhing in Acid. You wank In front Of my Face, move your cock around My lips. The Next flavor Is cotton Candy. You gave Me a big chunk And now My facehole Is fleshy. I Did not Guess. You wrap Marshmallows around Your penis And put It in My gullet. I'M not Guessing again. With Your finger You give Me the command to Open my mouth, You plunge A member .....
Models: Candy

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