Kazakh woman persuaded the son of the rector of Moscow State University for anal sex

Duration: 17:46 Views: 3 095 Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: The young Kazakh woman dreamed of dumping from Stepnogorsk, as her classmate Nurlan Saburov had previously done. Only now, the former partner on the desk is touring the cities of Russia with a stand-up, and she is half-heartedly trying to finish Moscow State University. Realizing that because of the fucking way of life, expulsion is just around the corner, an Asian woman asks to visit the son of the university rector and does not allow him to watch "News of the Week" with Dmitry Kiselev. At first the boy does not show any interest in the emigrant, but when she starts to suck a cock and lures her lover for anal sex, he shows unprecedented activity and fucks her until the sperm on the ass. Now the girl is not in danger of being expelled and we can only recall the legendary phrase - “Coincidence?” I don’t think so! ”

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