Came to a classmate home and fucked his mom

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Description: The boy agreed with a friend to go to a football match and came to his home ahead of schedule. The friend was not at home, but there was his mother, who opened the door in very seductive clothes: black stockings, a tight-fitting short skirt and a blouse with such a neckline that the boobs fell out. She invited the boy to wait, and the guy took out a magazine with naked beauties from a backpack and began to admire. Our hero was so carried away that he did not see his mother peering over his shoulder. The situation is extremely delicate, but the boy figured out that he could fuck his classmate's mother, because the woman flirts with him very openly, and she looks amazing. The guy always liked the brunettes, so he had already started to get up, and the mother shone boobs before her eyes and stroked her knee.

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