Amateur POV Chick

Duration: 3:30 Views: 739 Submitted: 7 months ago
Description: So I decided to organize amateur sex with a cow in the first person. For a couple of weeks I was excitedly telling my best friend how cool my girlfriend was and how I had her in all the cracks. A friend listened attentively, and then suggested: "Yes, you take your doll off on video, and we’ll see all things together, otherwise conversations do not excite." So I organized such a movie, shooting on the phone from the back, while the chick rides on my cock. Of course, he didn’t tell the girl, so I am doing a quiet shot, hoping that the doll will not turn around until I finish. She is a beauty with a firm ass, nice boobs and always wet pussy. She has an interesting tattoo in the back, so I admire her. Now you can!

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