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Drunk student was fucked in the ass by two teachers

Duration: 15:27 Views: 4 806 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: A young brunette from Arkhangelsk stocks up dick for study and just lives for pleasure, rummaging through parties and does not think about the future. But when the moment of the session comes, the girl finds herself in an unpleasant situation, because the physical instructor and the Trudovik do not want to give normal ratings due to omissions. There is nothing left but to invite young men to their home and stir up a feast with them, put down, so to speak. But the girl in kapron stockings is too much fingering with alcohol, and therefore it is fucked in the mouth in the kitchen, and then all in the same mouth and anal hole at the same time. Teachers will now definitely put five for such a group.

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