Shot in the mouth with cum close up

Duration: 0:55 Views: 6 412 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: The guy masturbated in the face of his girlfriend and shot a video about how he shot sperm in her mouth close-up. A girl with brightly painted lips and white teeth opened her mouth wide and waits for a member of her friend to fill her mouth with hot sperm. The guy squeezes everything into her mouth to the last drop, and we were lucky to see this spicy sight close-up, which is especially valuable. Chick swallows sperm and caresses his cock with his tongue in gratitude for good sex. In fact, many girls like it when guys shoot sperm on their faces, but guys do not always decide to do it, and girls often do not dare to suggest it. Fortunately, now you can watch a wonderful video shot in the first person.

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