Woman masturbates the urethra with metal objects

Duration: 1:31 Views: 1 241 Submitted: 7 months ago
Description: Once having visited a gynecologist, the woman realized all the charms of metal objects. She bought a set of medical instruments and got used to masturbate with them not only the vagina, but also the urethra. In this video, the chick demonstrates how to cuddle her crotch. First, she plunges the expander inward and with its help enlarges her pussy several times. Pulling the clitoris with her fingers, the girl opens access to the urethra. To feel a special buzz, she inserts a long pin into the pi-hole and gently fucks her, gradually adding the number of objects. Such a handjob turns a girl on, and white signs of pleasure ooze from a small gap.

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