Boy lowered the sperm into a fist sleeping girlfriend on the list

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Description: Now the network appears a lot of articles and reports about youth parties, which end with stories such as the one that happened with Shurygin. In such situations it is difficult to find the truth, because everything happens on a drunken bench. Here and in this apartment, party-goers get exhausted and decide to go to bed, because tomorrow they will also go to study. Our hero is especially lucky, because next is the heifer, in which he is unrequited in love. The bitch is drunk and fast asleep, and the dude, experiencing excitement, pulls the cock out of his pants and before an orgasm in the masturbation final, puts the sleeping girlfriend into a fist and ends it. Sperm gets on the fingers of the chick and she, without knowing it, delivered the kid a lot of pleasure.
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